Research Overview


Research Process

  1. identify problem

  2. review of literature

  3. research design, research plan

  4. data collection

  5. data analysis

  6. conclusion, findings

Qualities of Good Research

  1. based on other work

  2. replicable

  3. a general truth for other settings

  4. directs future research, logical

  5. makes new questions

  6. incremental - can change

  7. addresses real problems

  8. specific with variables 

  9. data and conclusion are verifiable by others

  10. researcher is enthusiastic, interested

Qualities of Bad Research

  1. opposite of the above

  2. looking for something that isn't there

  3. has plagiarism

  4. falsified data

  5. misrepresentation of data, deceiving or misleading participants

5 Ethical Principles

  1. minimize risk of harm

  2. informed consent

  3. protect confidentiality and anonymity

  4. don't mislead participants

  5. allow them to withdraw or back out


  • how people think, feel, what they say they think, or feel

  • subjective information

  • more on feelings and impressions, not numbers

  • personal

  • participant observation

  • trying to understand a person for their preferences and behaviors

Example: An overview of qualitative research methodology for public health researchers


  • concentrates on measuring or counting and collecting numerical data

  • involves statistics

Example: Impact of Social Media Reviews on Brands Perception

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