PE - Types of Exercises and FITT

FITT - Frequency Intensity Time Type

Frequency is how often you do this exercise.

Intensity is how hard you work during an exercise.

Time is how long you do this exercise.

Type is the type of exercise you are doing. For example, cycling is an aerobic exercise.

Benefits of an active lifestyle:

  • using muscles and muscles use energy

  • healthy lifestyle

  • lower risk of illness

  • become more fit

1. aerobic exercise - cardiovascular exercises for better heart and better respiration rate, lower blood pressure, lessen bad cholesterol, circulates oxygen

2. muscle exercises - improve energy, strength, and endurance

  • Muscles hold some weight to get bigger.

  • Muscle hypertrophy - this is when muscle cells grow and increase as a result of muscle exercises.

3. skeletal exercises - improve muscle strength, coordination, and balance

  • Bone hypertrophy - is when bones increase in density as a result of physical activity.

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