Hyrmit Concept Paper

When the pandemic started, academic activities were halted and students entered a life they had never encountered before - no classes for at least 4 months. Soon, concerns grew about the school, whether we should continue or take an academic break while the pandemic was ongoing and still very dangerous. Many were concerned that not everyone would be able to cope with the demands of alternative learning methods such as modular and online classes because they simply did not have the resources or the circumstances have been hard on their mental well-being.

This is where Hyrmit comes in. I noticed that many were confused about where to find learning material online since there was so much to choose from. So, to contribute, Hyrmit was made as a one-stop website for learning material.

There are options of sharing your own notes, sharing your written works, and a general forum for students to interact with each other and ask questions. It also included a personal blog and my own notes from school.

Currently, the only manpower of the website is myself, Zairah, and the learning material I upload here are material provided by the government online, apart from my own notes. It is not being funded. I hope that once the website is fixed and everything is organized, I may invite volunteers to help me work on this website, those as interested as I to sharing knowledge and resources to others in need.

For those who would like to contact me regarding any concerns or inquiries about this project, my contact information is below.

E-mail: zairahtarongoy@gmail.com

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