How can we practice sensitivity towards others especially during this pandemic?

This pandemic has affected a large number of people. In our country alone, there has been a confirmed 116,000+ cases. But this pandemic has not only been hard on those that were infected by the virus, it has changed the daily lives of the common populace, worn down on the health workers, and has made people more selfish. When you are alone and your world consists of four walls and your family, it gets hard to look beyond your situation.

Due to this pandemic, people have cared less about everyone else and more about themselves. This leads to more and more people being desensitized. More and more people cannot bring themselves to empathize with those that are struggling simply because it’s not happening to them; the struggle does not exist within their four walls and immediate family. The way to practice sensitivity in these trying times is very simple and direct. Look beyond your situation. Try to see using someone else’s perspective. Do not make thoughtless remarks. Empathy comes from understanding and internalizing what others feel.

In this day and age, it is not hard to find information. Whether it be about what the weather is like, how tired and underpaid our health workers are, how insensitive and downright ruinous our government is, or how your friends are feeling, the internet has this kind of information. With this huge amount of data at our fingertips, finding out the situation of other people becomes easy. Using your access to the internet, you can become someone who knows about what is happening and understands what is happening. Following this train of thought, it becomes easy for you to leave the four walls that surround you and to put yourself into the shoes of all those people who are suffering because of this pandemic. After acquiring knowledge about the situation outside of yours, it is time to check how you deal with having that information.

Now that you know how the others are faring, it is time to see if you are treating them, or rather understanding why the others became the way they are. Knowing why there are people suffering stops you from making thoughtless comments like, “Poor people are just lazy,” or “The health workers aren’t doing their jobs well,” or “Everyone who leaves their house is just criminals and have low comprehension,” or something of a variant to the mentioned statements.

Poor people aren’t lazy, they were just robbed of an opportunity and are now suffering again at the hands of those who robbed them.

The health workers are doing everything they can because out of everyone in this pandemic, they are the ones who want this to be over the most. Not everyone has the luxury to stay at home. Most of the Filipinos are struggling during these trying times and have no choice but to leave their homes and expose themselves to danger to find a job. This pandemic has affected a large number of people, not just you.

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